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Tonight’s the night. In Ray Cooney and John Chapman’s play Move Over Mrs Markham, sex is not at all overrated. In a flat somewhere in London, Philip and Joanna Markham are getting ready for a night out.

In their absence, Joanna’s friend, Linda, wants to use the flat for a bit of “rumpy pumpy” with an admirer while her husband, Henry, has similar intentions with a young woman who he has never seen before.

In the midst of this marital infidelity, Alistair Spenlow, a flamboyant interior designer, sets out to use the Markham’s night out for a quick game of “Who’s Your Daddy” with their Swiss au pair girl, Sylvie.

When the Markhams' evening out is canceled, it is too late to let any of the hopeful lovers know. All of them converge on the bedroom and all hell is let loose with lies and subterfuge galore.

Into this bedroom bedlam walks Olive Harriet Smythe a dotty, prim Norfolk dog owner and authoress of renowned children’s books which Philip and Henry would dearly love to publish. That’s when things really spiral out of control. The Markhams attempt to sign up Miss Smythe, while frantically trying to hide the amorous goings-on.