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In Joseph Kesselring’s 1941 play Arsenic and Old Lace, insanity runs in the family. In a small house next to a cemetery in Brooklyn live Abby and Martha Brewster, two kind, sweet, and charming old ladies who have developed a very bad habit. 

As an act of charity, the two sisters have taken it upon themselves to poison lonely old men with nothing left to live for. They then leave it to their nephew Teddy, who’s convinced he’s Teddy Roosevelt, to bury them in the cellar, which he believes to be the Panama Canal.

One day, another nephew, Mortimer Brewster finds a dead man in the window seat by mistake. Later that night, yet another nephew, Jonathan, returns to the house after years of fleeing the authorities, who have cottoned on to his "unofficial practice" of killing people and using other people’s faces to change his own.

 However, the results cause him to look like Boris Karloff due to the poor craftsmanship of his German accented, alcoholic sidekick Dr. Einstein. As the merry mayhem continues, we see Mortimer trying to keep his aunts safe and prevent them from continuing their nasty habit while trying to stay sane with the woman he loves. 

The aunts seek to continue their charity work, and Jonathan tries to set up a beauty parlor for criminals in the house. With the cops continuously dropping in to check up on the old ladies, a catastrophe is unavoidable, or is it?

Wednesday    30 January     at 8pm

Thursday        31 January     at 8pm

Friday             01 February    at 8pm

The performances will take place in the Stadtmensa, Studentenhaus at the University of Würzburg (Sanderring).

Tickets for each performance can be purchased from 16 January onwards. For ticket reservations please contact Karin Kernahan (0931) 31-81125 between 9am and 12pm Monday to Thursday or by E-Mail at karin.kernahan@uni-wuerzburg.de before 30 January

Tickets are priced at €2.50 for students and €4 for non-students and cost €1 more if bought at the door.

However, please note that due to the sometimes racy content of the play we recommend that it is not suitable for students under 15 years old.

For any further information about our production this semester or the English Drama Group, please contact me on (0931) 31-89496 or by E-mail at alexander.freuck@uni-wuerzburg.de.