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Past Productions

Director: Chris Swanton


WS 1975/76    Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest
SS 1976          Tennessee Williams: Suddenly Last Summer
WS 1976/77    Peter Terson: Zigger Zagger
SS 1977          Peter Barnes: The Ruling Class
WS 1977/78   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust Teil I
SS 1978          'N. P. Langley': Shakespeare's Love Scenes


Director: William Cipriano


WS 1978/79    Herb Gardiner: Thieves
SS 1979           Harold Pinter: Landscape; Six Review Sketches; A                                                    Night Out
WS 1979/80    Paul Forster: Marcus Brutus
SS 1980           Edward Bond: Narrow Road to the Deep North

Director: Ray Cunningham


WS 1980/81    William Somerset Maugham: Sheppey
SS 1981           Tom Stoppard: The Real Inspector Hound
WS 1981/82    John Gay: The Beggar's Opera
SS 1982           Simon Gray: Otherwise Engaged

Director: Jeremy Wooding


WS 1982/83    John Arden: The Happy Haven
SS 1983         Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood
WS 1983/84    William Shakespeare: Twelfth Night
SS 1984         John McGrath: Blood Red Roses


Director: Hilary Duffield


WS 1984/85    Howard Brenton: Thirteenth Night
SS 1985         Peter Shaffer: Black Comedy
WS 1985/86    Christopher Marlowe: Doctor Faustus
SS 1986         Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party


Director: Chris Balme


WS 1986/87    William Shakespeare: All's Well that Ends Well
SS 1987         Alan Bennett: Habeas Corpus
WS 1987/88    Arthur Miller: The Crucible
SS 1988         Chris Balme: Chameleon
WS 1988/89    Peter Shaffer: Equus
SS 1989         Sir George Etherege: The Man of Mode
WS 1989/90    Patrick White: The Season of Sarsaparilla


Director: Ruth Wishart


WS 1990/91    R.B. Sheridan: The Rivals
SS 1991         Edward Bond: The Worlds
WS 1991/92    William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's                                                                              Dream
SS 1992         Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Director: Andrew Tidmarsh


WS 1992/93    Howard Brenton & David Hare: Pravda
SS 1993         Oscar Wilde: A Woman of No Importance
WS 1993/94    John Godber: Teechers
SS 1994         Noel Coward: Blithe Spirit
WS 1994/95    William Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
SS 1995         Sheila Yeger: Variations
                      Ariel Dorfman: Death & the Maiden


Director: Elizabeth Catling


WS 1995/96    Oliver Goldsmith: She Stoops to Conquer
SS 1996         William Shakespeare: The Tempest
WS 1996/97    Peter Shaffer Lettice and Lovage
SS 1997         Woody Allen: God
WS 1997/98    Alan Ayckbourn: Between Mouth­fuls, David Ives:                               Seven Menus & Harold Pinter: The Black and White
SS 1998         Alan Ayckbourn: Mother Figure
                      Michael Kilgarriff: The Day of Reckoning

Director: Bruce Watson


WS 1998/99    Caryl Churchill: The After-Dinner Joke
SS 1999         Noel Coward: Nude with Violin
WS 1999/00    Terry Pratchett: Wyrd Sisters
SS 2000         Aristophanes: Lysistrata
WS 2000/01    Terry Pratchett: Mort.
SS 2001         Oscar Wilde: A Woman of No Importance


Director: Casey Sutcliffe


WS 2001/02    A Time to Remember:
                      Tennessee Williams: The Lady of Larkspur Lotion &
                      The Long Goodbye
                      Thornton Wilder: The Long Christmas Dinner


Director: Cathrina Bourke


SS 2002         John Synge: The Playboy of the Western World &                              Kurt Schwitters: Shadowplay
WS 2002/03    Robert Rappaport: Carmilla
                          Liz Lochhead: Dracula
SS 2003           Arthur Miller: The Crucible

Director: Tom Wilks


WS 2003/04    Tennessee Williams: Battle of Angels
SS 2004         Reality? Realities…:
                      Alice Gerstenberg: Overtones
                      George Bernard Shaw: Farfetched Fables
                      Tom Stoppard: After Magritte
WS 2004        Sarah Al-Heli: The English Zone
WS 2005        Peter Ustinoff: Romanoff and Juliet
SS 2005         Comedy On Campus:
                        Laughter In The Lecture Theatre
                        performed at the JUMAX

                      What You Will based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night


Director: Martyn Ford


WS 2005/06    Tom Stoppard: The Real Inspector Hound
SS 2006         Alan Ayckbourn: Confusions
WS 2006/07    Jim Cartwright: Two
SS 2007         Neil Simon: Rumors
WS 2007/08    Christopher Durang: Beyond Therapy
SS 2008         Michael Frayn: Alarms and Excursions


Director: Annalena Schott


WS 2008/09    Alan Ayckbourn: Woman in Mind

Director: Catherine Lamper


SS 2009         Neil Simon: London Suite
WS 2009/10  Shelagh Stephenson: The Memory of Water
SS 2010         Alan Bennett: Habeas Corpus 
WS2010/11   Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest
SS 2011         Ray Cooney: Run for your Wife
WS 2011/2012  Funny & Fillthy Business

Director: Jenny Freuck
WS 2012/2013   Joseph Kesselring : Arsenic and old Lance

Director: Alex Freuck
SS 2013      Ray Conney and John Chapman: More over Mrs. Markham

Director: Kathrin Zöller
WS 2013/2014      Diana Son: Stop Kiss
SS 2017 Hal Ashby & Colin Higgins: Harold & Maude

Director: Kathrin Zöller & Daniel Morgenroth
SS 2014          John Webster: Malfi! adapted by Daniel Morgenroth
WS 2014/2015      Yasmina Reza: God of Carnage
SS 2015        John Milton: Paradise! adapted by Daniel Morgenroth
WS 2015/2016      Ben Elton: Popcorn
SS 2016         Wlm Shxpr: based on the works of William Shakespeare and adapted by Daniel Morgenroth

Directors: Kathrin Zöller & Sebastian Suttner
WS 2016/2017      The Awesome Christmas Cabaret #3