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The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley


The Fat Lady sings in Little Grimley is the story of a struggling village amateur dramatic group: Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard have to tackle the threat of a rival drama group which is determined to upstage them. 

The quartet devises a military-style  plan that is thwarted when the rival  society’s psychopathic manager  finds out what they are up to.

Could this finally be the end of their society? Don’t be so sure.
It’s never over until… the fat lady sings.

The Night Before Christmas

In The Night Before Christmas,  Gary is convinced he has  happened upon another  money-making scheme when he  finds one of Santa’s elves in his  warehouse on Christmas Eve.

His sceptical friend, Simon, and the local prostitute, Cherry, are not so sure things are as they seem.

Desperate to get away, the elf offers the trio three wishes, which lead to some uncomfortable truths being revealed.

Please note that due to the language used in The Night Before Christmas, we recommend that it is not suitable for students under 16 years old.