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English Drama Group of the University of Würzburg

written by Catherine Lamper

The ENGLISH DRAMA GROUP at the University of Würzburg was founded in 1975 when a new lecturer, Chris Swanton, was appointed to the English Department specifically to set up a theatre group to regularly perform plays in English. The EDG has performed every semester (bar one!) since winter 1975-76: Follow the link to see what we have put on over the years.  As well as these full-scale productions, there have been a number of other successful initiatives, including tours, revues, social and fundraising events.

For the first seven years of its existence, the group managed to rent various venues in Würzburg to stage productions, including the workshop stage of the Municipal Theatre, the small hall of the Music Academy, and the main hall of the Waldorf School. When Martyn Ford became the director of the EDG, he, largely due to the assistance of Sara Al-Heli, managed to gain the support of the Studentenwerk and since 2005, the EDG has performed its plays on the stage in its new home: the Stadtmensa. 

For many years now, the EDG has been made up of a dedicated group of students and lecturers, numbering around 35, who work hard throughout the semester to put on a play in the penultimate week of each semester. Although we have bought professional lighting and sound equipment, and have accumulated stocks of props and costumes which fill our storage rooms to the brim, we are very fortunate to be supported by a number of local organisations and businesses. We are particularly indebted to Brauchbar, Pfundgrube, Lubeanies and Chambinzky for regularly lending us props and costumes which help to make our plays such a success.

In 2011, the English Drama Group celebrated 35 years since its first performance: in the first week of February 1976 and in the same week of 2011, we performed Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. To commemorate such an historic occasion, we were delighted to have over 40 members of the EDG alumni attend the final performance – including the founders of the drama group, Chris Swanton and Colin Humphrey. For photos of the original members, click here.
With the overwhelming support of the student body, the Studentenwerk and local schools and businesses, we look forward to being able to entertain for another few decades!